63276 Charleston Ave.
P.O. Box 5390
Charleston, OR 97420
Phone: (541) 888-3253
Fax: (541) 888-6814
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Our Staff:
Jack Emmons - General Manager ext. 28
Scott Adams - Production/Plant Manager ext. 27
Crystal Adams - Inventory Specialist/Assistant Manager ext. 29
Patricia Lectka - Sales ext. 26

Office Staff:
Loretta Boyce - Office Manager
Tina Martinez - Reception

On the dock:
Jim Schade - Trucking/Receiving Manager ext. 30
Carl Grider - AM Dock Lead
Jim Fisher - PM Dock Lead
Bill Richards- Freezer Crew Lead

Karen Smith - Plant QC
Mike - Fillet Department
Helen Grider - Crab Picking Lead
Mary Sillman - Crab Packing Lead
Karen Smith - Shrimp Crew Lead
Cecilia Whitmer- Shrimp Crew Lead
Steve Davis - Freezer Crew Driver

The list goes on… There are too many names to list, but here at Hallmark, we have many long time dedicated, knowledgeable employees who care about the job they do. We appreciate them all!